Top of the Head Drawing Challenge

Please consider making a donation to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. Your tax deductible gifts go a long way toward building and sustaining a hunger-free community! Simply visit to discover the many ways you can help.


As an added bonus, try this fun “Top of the Head” Jingles drawing challenge!

For this activity you will need white or light-colored paper plates. Light-colored pieces of cardboard may also work. Everyone takes a paper plate and a marker or pen. When it is your turn, place the plate on top of your head and try to draw your best version of me, Jingles the Selfless Elf! Everyone else will have great fun just watching you! Once everyone has had a turn, compare your “top of the head” versions of  me to see whose is the most accurate, the funniest, or the wildest! Post your best or funniest on our facebook page or Instagram page to give others a treat. Whoever gets the most likes will win a pair of my special Jingles’ striped elf socks (to be picked up at the Food Bank)!

JinglesJingles’ Fact Of The Day:
In New York State, 54% of all SNAP (food stamp) participants are families with children. Donate Now!